Holiday Spice Rolls

As someone who didn’t grow up celebrating Christmas, I’ve always heard of people’s tradition of having Cinnamon Rolls on Christmas Morning. It sounds so lovely, doesn’t it? Warm sweets to go along with your presents…and maybe some mimosas or a little splash of whatever in your coffee… As an adult creating my own family traditions, this seems like one to try for sure. But, of course, I can’t let well enough alone, so I had to challenge myself and add a little extra holiday to the mix - by way of some eggnog and spices that really make these a holiday-time treat. They are a two-day process, but what better to do on Christmas Eve than make cinnamon roll dough? They’ll also definitely take

Drunken Pecan Pie Truffles

Do you like pecans? Do you like Bourbon? Then you should make these, no questions asked. My colleague Jillian brought them to our recent holiday party and everyone went NUTS for them (pun intended). So, I made them for a holiday party I hosted, and again - everyone couldn't stop eating them AND talking about them! You can go all out and dip them in tempered chocolate, or you can use melted chocolate chips with a 1/2tsp of vegetable oil to make the dipping easier, OR you can just roll them in a cocoa and powdered sugar mix. Either way, these will soon become a holiday staple in all our kitchens. Happy Baking! Adapted from Martha Stewart MAKES a bunch (approximately 40) INGREDIENTS/SUPPLI

Rosemary Raisin Cookies

I had dinner with my friend Alison recently, and she told me her absolute favorite cookie recipe was one she had for Rosemary Raisin cookies. I recently discovered a love of baking sweet things with rosemary, so I knew I had to have this recipe asap. I couldn't stop thinking about it, so I nagged her until she gave it up! Ok, not really - I sent her one email and she replied almost immediately. She didn't say where it came from originally, and I've adapted it slightly, but for real - these cookies are phenomenal. They're the size and texture of the best traditional chocolate chip cookies - crispy at the edges and on the outside thanks to some raw sugar, thick and chewy in the middle, wit

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